Manhattan 72"Double-Sink Vanity by Mission Hills
Red mahogany wood ;nish with Brazilian Giallo Veneziano granite.
$1,299.99 Delivered After $200 OFF
Valid 10/14/13–11/3/13
#725661 only. Faucets not included.

Sterling Equal
Stainless Steel
Sink by Kohler
Fits a 36"sink base.
$199.99 Delivered
After $30 OFF
Valid 10/14/13–11/3/13
#796172 only.

Moneual Rydis
Hybrid Robot
Vacuum and
Dry Mop Cleaner
Virtual boundary, high-
performance BLDC motor
and various cleaning modes.
Includes two high-ef;ciency
washable ;lters, two side
brushes and remote control.
$299.99 Delivered
#753486 only.

EasyOn Gutter Guard
Installs easily on your gutters.
Keeps leaves, pine needles and
roof sand grit out of your gutter.
Available in 24' and 100'.
Up to $20 OFF
Valid 10/14/13–11/3/13
Search*: GUTTEROC TC only.

EC_p01.12_R3.indd 9

Prieto 45" or 60" Bath Vanity by Valore All-wood vanity with Brain Brook brown granite top and UPC- certi;ed white vitreous sink. $200 OFF Valid 10/14/13–11/3/13 Search*: PRIETOOCTC only. Faucet not included.

Access Tubs Walk-in Jetted Bathtub Whirlpool massage and built-in contoured seat. Faucet included. Available in left or right drain model with auto drain. $2,799.99 Delivered Valid 10/1/13–10/31/13 #100011464 only.

Also available in soaker model. $2,499.99 Delivered #100012629

Master Grade Premium
Multi-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener
Angle guides maintain a 15° blade edge. Includes Japanese Usuba knife.
$89.99 Delivered Valid 10/1/13–10/31/13 #733697 only.

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Serenity Plus
Lifestyle Shower
Panel by Valore

Full stainless-steel, matte-;nished casing. Features “rainfall” shower experience.

$399.99 Delivered After $100 OFF

Valid 10/14/13–11/3/13
#662586 only.

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