14 ounces dried white beans (soak overnight after measuring) or use 2 15-ounce cans of white beans, rinsed thoroughly

2 medium onions, chopped (reserve 2 tablespoons for garnish, if desired)

Kirkland Signature™ Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 teaspoon tomato purée

2 carrots, chopped

2 celery stalks, chopped

2 medium potatoes, chopped

3 bunches chard, chopped

1 bunch kale, chopped ½ Savoy cabbage, chopped

6 slices stale Italian white bread Salt and pepper to taste

Kirkland Signature Canola Oil (only available in 5-quart containers)

Low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fats, canola oil is also high in omega- 3 fatty acids and considered a heart-healthy choice. Light and flavorless, it is used primarily for cooking and baking.

“There’s health, versatility and flavor, all in one
bottle,” says Shauna. “Canola oil on its own is a very
versatile oil, good for cooking and baking, but
together with grapeseed oil, it’s even better for sau-
téing and stir-frying. And because of the extra vir-
gin olive oil, the flavor is fruitier than canola oil
alone, so it tastes great tossed into salads.”
years to develop Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin
Olive Oil from Italy. There is also Kirkland Signature
Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, which is sourced in
Italy, Spain and Portugal. But what is of particular
interest is the limited-edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from Tuscany now on Costco shelves, because it’s
available for only a short time.

Kirkland Signature Liquid Fry/Shortening

Made from soybean oil that has been processed to be a uniform blend so it remains creamy, this shortening is opaque, creamy white and pourable at room temperature.

For fans of olive oil

If you’re a fan of fruity olive oil, you will be delighted with the choices offered by Costco’s three different, fully traceable Kirkland Signature extra virgin olive oils.

Technically, extra virgin olive oil is the first press of unblemished olives, but it’s simpler to remember that extra virgin olive oil is really the flavor-packed “juice of the olive.” A completely natural product, it hasn’t gone through any heating or chemical extraction process.

Costco’s team has worked for more than eight

Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscany, well known for the beauty of its scenery, is also renowned for the quality of its olives. The countryside is dotted with family-owned olive groves, some going back three generations or more, and the region is designated a protected area by the Italian government. The olive oils produced by local growers are classificed as indicazione geografica protetta ( protected geographic indication), or IGP, which is stamped right on the label.

Kirkland Signature Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a rich green color and a spicy scent. “You taste


Whether for home or restaurant, the lineup of Kirkland Signature oils offers versatility, quality and value for all your cooking needs.

Kirkland Signature Pan and Grill Oil

Butter flavored and designed for pan and grill cooking, this soybean shortening is yellow in color, is pourable at room temperature and contains zero grams of trans fat per serving. Great for sautéing, preparing sauces and heated by itself for dipping.

Kirkland Signature Peanut Oil

Because of its high smoke point and neutral flavor, peanut oil is a favorite for frying, especially deep-frying. In fact, home cooks who are Costco members find our restaurantsize jugs of oil perfect for making deep-fried holiday turkeys.

Kirkland Signature Soybean Oil (also available in 5-quart containers)

Soybean oil is a light, mild-flavored oil and contains no cholesterol. Often used for salad dressings and in stir-fries, it is known for its low levels of saturated fats.—TS