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2011 Costco

GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT, the theme of this year’s Costco International Photo Contest, elicited 48,000 entries. This year’s contest, which was open to Costco members from nearly 600 Costco warehouses in eight countries, resulted in vibrant, sometimes breathtaking photos. Here are the U.S. winning photos, and the first-place winners from each country, along with the International Grand Prize winner from South Korea, who received a $2,500 Costco Cash card. First-, second-and third-place winners received $1,500, $1,000 and $500 Costco Cash cards, respectively. Our thanks to the judges and to our sponsors, Costco 1-Hour Photo, Adobe Systems, Inc. and Your Photo On Canvas.

52 ;e Costco Connection FEBRUARY 2012

International Grand Prize Jung Hyun Kim

International Grand Prize Winner

Jung Hyun Kim Daegu, South Korea

Toying around

JUNG HYUN KIM, a mobile-phone engineer at Samsung Electronics and amateur photographer, snapped this photo at Daegu Arboretum in South Korea, where he lives. A;er taking this shot of Jiwoo Moon, the daughter of a friend, Kim promised that if he won anything from Costco’s Photo Contest, he’d buy her some good toys at the Daegu warehouse, where he’s a member. He also spent some of the money on household goods, as he is planning to move soon. Kim started taking photos ;ve years ago as a hobby. He uses a Canon EOS 5D camera.

—Will Fi;eld

First-Place Winner

Stewart Carlson Seattle, Washington

A walk in the park

MANY PARENTS hope their children will become doctors. Stewart Carlson was in premed, but her parents are suggesting she become a photographer. And with her ;rst-place win in Costco’s photo contest, who can blame them?

“I don’t think I could ever let go of pho-
tography, because I’ve fallen so in love with it,”
says Carlson, who is in her senior year at
George Washington University and is now
studying human services and public global
health a;er taking a year o; from school to
contemplate her future.

Second-Place Winner

Mike Journeay, Houston, Texas

Desert shadows

Mike Journeay captured this photo early one morning near the small village of Merzouga, in a remote desert region of Morocco, during a two-week vacation. As one of the guides led camels up a hill, Journeay’s photographic eye began twitching.