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THE QUES TION POSED by a friend seemed simple enough: “How many di;erent nuts does Costco package under the Kirkland Signature™ label?” My guesstimate was eight: walnuts, pecans, almonds (whole and Marcona), pine nuts, pistachios, mixed nuts and cashews. I was o; by ;ve.

Costco nut buyer Becky Schmidt reports, “Many members don’t realize how extensive our private-label Kirkland Signature nut program is because it’s scattered throughout the warehouse. For instance, Kirkland Signature Grade A Pine Nuts are displayed near the Kirkland Signature olive oil. Some varieties are also o;ered exclusively on”

;e ;ve Kirkland Signature nut varieties I missed reside in Costco’s snack aisle: Dry Roasted Almonds; Salt & Pepper Pistachios; Super X-Large Peanuts; Whole Macadamia Nuts; and Variety Snacking Tube Nuts, featuring cashews, almonds and Variety Snacking Tube Nuts, featuring cashews, almonds and extra crunchy roasted and salted peanuts (be on the lookout for this last one’s new packaging, arriving soon.)


Nuts everywhere: You’ll find Kirkland Signature nuts in the baking aisle, snack aisle and more.

Nuts from around the world

I learn Costco sources nuts from wherever they are at their best. ;is explains why Costco’s delicate-tasting Kirkland Signature Marcona almonds come from Spain; Kirkland Signature by Mauna Loa dry-roasted, whole macadamia nuts are purchased in Hawaii; and the gorgeous Kirkland Signature pecan halves are sourced only from the southern U.S. and northern Mexico.

No matter the country of origin, all Costco nuts come from suppliers who have state-of-the-art processing facilities to ensure each nut is handled impeccably. Food safety is of utmost importance from tree to table, with traceability protocols, good farming and harvesting practices, and testing mandatory at every step.

;e team works diligently to create the best in each category. For example, Kirkland Signature Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts now include cashews, nonpareil almonds, pecan halves, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts. Kirkland Signature Whole Fancy Cashews are the premium large size, and Kirkland Signature Super X-Large Peanuts are extra crunchy due to the reinstatement of traditional water-bath and roasting techniques. You can taste the di;erence in each handful.

86 ;e Costco Connection NOVEMBER 2009